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3 Trends Affecting Workers' Compensation Insurance

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Employers are supposed to create a safe work environment for workers to perform their duties effectively. However, accidents happen, and employers must always be prepared for such eventualities. As insurance companies try to sell workers’ compensation policies to businesses, it is crucial to understand trends affecting the sector. The developments dictate how insurers should package workers’ compensation insurance policies for the benefit of all parties. This article highlights the top trends affecting workers’ compensation insurance. Read More»

How Much Public Liability Insurance Cover Does Your Riding School Business Need?

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If you run a riding school, you must have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) by law, although the amount of cover you take out is up to you.  But how much cover do you need?  Read on for some advice on how to decide on the level of cover you need for your riding school business. What does Public Liability Insurance (PLI) cover? PLI protects you and your business from any claim for damages by any third party who has used or visited your riding school business. Read More»